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Do I need my personal information to sign up for membership?
You can enter a simple membership by entering your birth date. You do not need to enter personal information, such as your resident registration number.

Q. I'd like to modify the membership information.
After logging in, press MODIFY to modify the information.

Q.You can't log in.
1.Explore-Tools-Internet Options-General-File (offline surrender check) and cookies must be deleted before use.
2.Please change the Explorer-Tools-Internet Options-Personal Information-Low and sign in again.
3.Use LOGIN to find your password.

Q. I'd like to withdraw from the membership.
After you sign in, press the "WITHDRAW" button on the bottom of MY ACCOUNT(MY PAGE).
Q. Where can I check the order details?
Member: You can inquire on my page after logging in.
Non-members: Log in → Log in to the non-members order inquiry to view the order details.

Q.I want to change the color, size, address and so on after ordering.
You cannot change a product that has already been ordered.
If you request a change to the customer center (biz or Q&A bulletin board, we'll help you with the process.

Q. I want to cancel my order, but what should I do?
It is not possible to directly cancel an order that has been paid.
Cancellation of order is possible only when the product has not been shipped. If you request cancellation through the customer center or Q&A bulletin board, we will assist you with processing as desired.
Q.Card payment) How do I get refunded if I cancel the entire or partial payment?
If you cancel all, you will request cancellation to the credit card company that you paid.
If partial cancellation is possible, the amount will be partially canceled.
A card that cannot be partially canceled will be cancelled through a personal payment window or deposit.

Q. I canceled/returned my credit card. When will I be credited?
Payment by credit card is made through an intermediary payment agency, so it takes about seven business days.
When cancellation is completed, the cancellation details can be checked by the credit card company.
(Cancel period and method of cancellation vary from credit card company to credit card company.)
Q. How long does it take to ship?
Daily forwarding category item: You can ship on the same day if you place an exclusive order before 1 p.m. on weekdays.
Commodity order item: It takes about three to five days after checking the deposit, excluding weekends and holidays.
Personal manufactured goods such as individual manufactured products and handmade shoes: 7-15 days of preparation are required, excluding weekends and holidays.
Please contact the customer center ( for accurate delivery information after ordering.

Q. Is it possible to ship it on the same day?
Only products in the shipping category on that day can be delivered on the same day if you pay before 1 p.m. and leave a message on the Q&A bulletin board.

Q. How long will it take to ship the goods?
You can wear the warehousing delay for one to two weeks. in case of a period of time
If you place an order with other products, we recommend you to place an order on your own, as the bundle of orders may delay delivery of other products.
I'll deliver it as soon as I can when I get it in.

Q. The order details are not tracked.
Shipping tracking is difficult at the stage when the product is preparing for shipping that has not been shipped.
After shipping, you can track the shipment on the homepage or on the Korea Express homepage.

Q. will be delivered to the desired date, please.
(3 to 5 day on weekdays) run-up to the goods occurred after the order, and products.
Delivery receipt date is set in accordance with the situation a part after the shipping date you want to.
Please excuse you need the capital city is.

Q. I ordered it. Could it be out of stock?
It is not a system in which inventory is held in advance when ordering, but rather a system in which the product is ordered.
In some cases, after ordering, the product may be out of stock during the manufacturing process.
In this case, we're contacting you separately.

Q. Is it possible to ship overseas?
Yes, you can. Please make the order the same as the general order and then pay the order.
It's not a delivery message, it's a must! Please tell me your overseas order and local address in English, postal code, contact number, and name through the bulletin.
When you prepare your product, you will be able to check and verify it, and then e-mail us the shipping cost of
Shipping charges do not include duties and levies. Please note that you have to pay extra when you receive the product.

Q. What is the delivery message?
The delivery message is checked by the courier.
You may fill out the information regarding the order, but it will not be confirmed.
Please use Q&A bulletin for order related inquiries.
Q. How can I return/exchange?
After you receive the product, you will receive an exchange/return from my page.
Only Dintro receipts can be returned within 7 days, including weekends and holidays.
After receiving the return to Dintro, complete the enclosed exchange and return form.
You can repackage it as you first received it (such as a gift by the price of a box of polybags).
(Please check the exchange/return criteria listed on the details page before ordering the product.)
- Customer charge for exchange/return delivery by customer change
- Dint will be charged for exchange/return due to miscarriage and product defect.
*Return Address: Dint on 7F of the Korea Express Building, 459-8 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

Q. Are there items that cannot be returned/ exchanged?
A. - In case the value of a product is damaged by wearing, washing, ironing, scenting, and repair
- If the product is damaged due to falling value of the product on a trial basis (leggings, stockings, underwear, swimwear, etc.)
- Products with non-returnable stickers are damaged by the removal and destruction of the sticker.
- Any goods sent out past the return date.
- In case product is contaminated, modified, wrinkled, and flavored by the use of the test, and product value is impaired
- If the product itself has been tampered with.
- Sale products or special discount products
- In case the value of the goods is damaged by the use of the clothes and washing, although the goods have been received by the company.
(In the above case, you will be charged for the return without consulting/receiving).

Q. The product is bad, it's shipped with another product.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
Please leave it on the customer center ( or the homepage board and we'll give you a quick guide.

Q. Features of products not returned due to defective products
- Ivory-colored knitwear may be slightly mixed.
- Knit and buccle materials are flexible and can be longer when worn.
- Friction-laden parts can cause some lint, and any laundry can damage the fabric.
Dry or light hand wash is recommended.

- Stone is used during wash operation, so there may be traces of sand and stone in the pocket etc.
- Denny's wash may vary slightly from time to time.

- Imported products may be imported by cutting labels at customs clearance.

- without folding the end of the product and sewing it.
If you cut a natural cut, you may have a slight pull.

- Real per material may have uneven hair length or color,
There may be hair loss on the first few occasions.
- In the case of artificial per material, the hair may be uneven in color to give the impression of reality.
There may be hair loss on the first few occasions.

- Flitz creases can be held by hand, which can be very uneven.
The part where the sound quality of the fabric meets may also have uneven wrinkles.

- Products with spangles may fall as they move.
Please be careful when wearing and storing it.

Back Stitch
- The finish of the thin end of all the products is to prevent the
Because of re-stitching 1 to 2 times, the thinning line may overlap.

Chiffon & Silk
- Thin, soft material allows the thin part to cry slightly.
Q. I want to check my reserve fund, coupon, and grade.
You can check it on my page after logging in.

Purchase reserve
- One percent of the payment will be made.
Purchase reserves will be paid seven days after all products are shipped on one order on the site.

Q. Can I refund my reserve and deposit?
Deposit and deposit paid are not refundable under any circumstances.

Q. What are your reserves and deposits?
The reserve fund is the amount paid as an event in the site, such as the purchase reserve, event reserve, post-fund, and subscription reserve.
The deposit is the amount that deposits your actual payment amount, such as cancellation, item, return, difference, etc.
Deposit can be used at the time of purchase regardless of amount. There is no expiration date.

Q. Do you have any caveats when using coupons?
All coupons cannot be duplicated with other coupons, and coupons must be applied directly at the ordering stage before use.
If you cannot use it when ordering, it will not be possible to process and apply it later. Please apply the order yourself.
All coupons cannot be used in duplicate with reserve funds (available with deposit department).

Q. I'd like to form an alliance with Dint, and I want to sell and sell
Please attach the proposal to and the representative will review it.
Q. Do you have an offline store?
Currently,YEOUIDO IFC MALL , Dongdaemun DOO-TA MALL and Ilsan Bellasita are located.

Q. Where is the location?
Please refer to DINT OFFLINE STORE at the bottom of the homepage.

Q. Are all products sold at the mall?
New products and some products are selected and brought into the store. If you have a particular product you want, please check it at the store before you visit.