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dint wholesale/participation
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Dint Wholesale and merchant establishment information

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Founded in 2007, sensual content is a corporation dinteu
and luxury brand and unique styling to create mania fan.
Dinteu, maximizes the customer's Pride,
a trend by analyzing the new constantly trying to change.

Currently, we continue to grow as a leader in the fashion distribution industry, and we provide a wide range of collections in line with the corporate concept of thinking about our customers first.

Qualification and opening conditions for wholesale and merchant establishment
separate consultation
Inquiry form for wholesale and merchant establishment
1. Sales country and region
2. On/offline sales status (add URL if online sales are desired)
3. Other questions to ask
Inquiries relating to wholesale and merchant stores
Domestic: d_i_n_t@naver.com / International: gb_dint@naver.com
(Please send me an e-mail based on the above form and
I will reply within 7-10 days of reviewing the person in charge.)

dint wholesale/participation

It offers the fastest domestic trend to customers
and is a trendy women's clothing brand.
If you wish to promote and brand Dint, please contact Dint with details of the partnership you would like.

  • Dint Membership Co-promotion Event
    a gift offer
  • Dint brand entry offer
    Culture, Event Content Proposal
  • Dint New Business Alliance
    Suggestions for Life in Fashion Clothes
    A proposal for a wholesale and retail partnership

In a variety of other areas, we are looking forward to
your proposal for a successful business through partnership with Dint.
Please send us your suggestions by e-mail below and we'll reply within 7-10 days of reviewing the person in charge.

d_i_n_t@naver.com / gb_dint@naver.com